rest and recovery

By Ralli Petrova

We always hear about the importance of a good training routine and a large intake of protein if we want to see a difference in our bodies.

However, people rarely seem to talk about the aftermath. How do we properly recover after a workout? Is it possible to lead a busy lifestyle and still get all the nutrients you need? And what role do supplements play in all of this? Read on to find out…


Most of us have busy lives, with juggling work, family and social life. Finding time to work out or cook can sometimes be things we forget about, with many of us reaching for quick fixes and processed food to satisfy our hunger.

This can lead to a lack of nutrients in the body, leaving you fatigued and not performing at your optimum level.


When you finally find time to go to the gym, you feel satisfied after an intense and sweaty session.

You tend to reach for a protein shake to lock in the progress you have just made and carry on eating as you would usually for the rest of the day (fried foods and quick fixes included).
So what if there was a way to nourish your body adequately, whether you are rushing to work or to the gym, without spending hours in the kitchen?


Powdered veggies have become a craze in the last few years. Jam-packed with vitamins and minerals without the need to eat a million portions of fresh produce, greens powders are perfect for on the go.

They keep your system balanced and flush out extra acid which can come from eating processed food, due to their alkaline properties.

Despite often being low calorie, greens powders can boost your energy. Additions such as green tea extract can make you feel less fatigued throughout the day, heightening your performance.


Therefore, adding greens powders to your protein shake after a workout will promote better recovery.

This is because you are fuelling your body with extra nutrients and vitamins, not just a burst of protein.

Supplementing well after a workout and alongside a healthy diet can boost your immune system, meaning you recover quicker and your risk of damaging your muscles is reduced.

Apart from muscle damage, greens powders are in the early stages of being tested as reliable ways to prevent chronic diseases and cancer.

Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity have all been helped by spirulina, an ingredient found in Roar Potential’s Super Greens Powder.


Although greens powders have an abundance of benefits, it is important to remember that poor nutrition cannot be counteracted with supplements. Supplements should be taken alongside a healthy diet, not instead of one.

Whether it is due to thinking that protein powder is enough after a workout, or not having the time due to other commitments, it is easy to see how many of us fall into the trap of incorrect nutrition.

Adding a greens powder to your routine is quick and versatile, so there is no longer an excuse for not getting your veggies in!