How supplementation benefits the vegan runner

Vegan runner suupplementation benefits

Running is becoming an increasingly popular sport with proven benefits such as reduced anxiety and depression, increased respiratory endurance as well as a growth in muscle mass and strength.

To maximise these benefits and develop a sustainable running routine, the proper measures must be taken to prevent injury as well as optimise performance.

One such measurement might be for runners to consider supplementation, and this can be said for all runners especially vegan runners.

Nutrition is also equally important to consider, but supplementation is often overlooked for several reasons such as fear of myths spread about speculated damage that some supplements might do.

It is that this post aims to help make an informed decision regarding using vegan supplements.

Too maximise running performance and sustainability it is essential to view it as a three-stage process; before a run, during the run and after the run.

Helping to break it down into these individual stages makes for easier nutritional and supplemental planning.

The focus before running is on making sure your body has enough fuel and energy to enable the body to perform at its full potential. At this stage, it is essential to consider the type of running is being done.

Short distance runners and sprinters use an anaerobic system in which ATP is broken down and converted into energy. In this instance, creatine is a sensible supplement to use as it can aid in replenishing ATP stores and making the system more efficient to maximise the energy that is used during short distance running.

Furthermore a right pre-workout blend (often referred to as a fat burner) is also a beneficial supplement for both long and short distance runners as most products under this category contain caffeine which as is often agreed upon, can make the mind and body more alert to carry out tasks to a higher ability and endurance sports such as running are no exception to this.

During the process of running, the human body uses up a lot of energy through muscular exhaustion, and vital minerals and nutrients are lost through sweat as a result of the body’s cooling mechanism.

This added to the fact that large muscle groups such as in the legs and abdominals are out under strain, means that recovery (or the post-run stage) is crucial to avoid injury and develop a resistance that allows the body to run for longer and more frequently.

One essential supplement to focus on would be protein powder. This can also be taken before running but when taken after it can help the leg muscles recover quicker and grow in muscle mass by repairing muscle fibres that might’ve been torn during the run.

Other supplements to consider are multivitamins and super greens blends.
But, how does this link in with veganism? Anyone can take supplements alongside their training regardless of diet preferences.

Being vegan especially it can sometimes be the case that essential nutrients are lost and taking supplements can help replenish these.

Furthermore, incorporating a plant-based diet into a standard training routine can improve digestion to reduce bloating and discomfort especially those with an intolerance to lactose.
All this can provide a substantial foundation to help improve performance when running and increase your chances of hitting the next PBs.